The man who knows no foreign language, knows nothing of his mother.


Formula risposte o domande adeguate alle seguenti frasi usando can. 

1 What can you buy at the tobacconist’s?
2 At a library.
3 At the post office.
4 Who can repair your car if ids broken?
5 What can you buy at the butcher’s‘? 
6 You can go to the swimming pool.
7 A doctor.
8 What can you do when you feel bored?
9 What can you buy at the florist’s‘?
10 In a bookshop. 

Read aloud   suggested:  
Reword the following sentences as:
Can you come back at five, sir?
Can you lend me a pound?
Can you tell me the way to Piccadilly?
Can you tell me the time?
Can’t you wait until five o’clock?
Can’t you be silent for a moment?
Can’t you understand that?
Can you speak French?
Can you swim?
Can you drive?

I can’t stay here all day.
I can’t hear you.
I can’t play tennis.
I couldn’t go shopping yesterday.
I couldn’t come before, I’m sorry.
I couldn’t speak English then.
Could you tell me the time, please?
Couldn’t you try to convince him?
They could do a lot for her.
They could have done a lot for her.

May I open the window, sir?
May I shut the door, madam?
May I go now?
May I phone from here?
May I borrow your pen?
May I have a book?
May I ask you a question?
May we wait here?
May we have a cup of coffee?
May Simon come with you?

Uncle may arrive tomorrow.
He might arrive tonight, who knows?
You may be wrong, my dear.
John may have left for London.
Mr Bates might arrive any moment.
Lizzie may be sleeping at this time.
I was afraid the train might be late.
He may decide to leave.
He might decided to leave.

He may come tomorrow.
He might come tomorrow.
He may be at home now.
She may leave tomorrow.
She may be wrong.
She may phone us
She may marry him.
She may arrive today.
They may be late.
They may be able to help you.
They may have missed their train.

She might arrive today
She might have arrived yesterday
She might leave today
He might stay at home
He might  marry that girl
He might come any time
He might find the money
He might persuade her.
They might pay for him.
They might tell her everything.
They might believe him.

Put can or can’t in the blank spaces:

Julia is asking Susan if she........ Julia says she......... manage. She .......... also sing, she says. But why is Julia asking Susan all that? Very simple. They are looking for a teenager who ........... dance and sing. People in show business, that is.
 Julia ............remember in which newspaper she has read about it.
She  ............either dance or sing, incidentally. She is an old-fashioned girl, she says. Susan .............say she is a terribly modern girl, but she would be very happy to get a part in a musical.
She ................. know more from Julia about that newspaper tonight.

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