The man who knows no foreign language, knows nothing of his mother.


Trasforma le seguenti frasi al tempo Past simple apportando le opportune modifiche e/o aggiunte ai complementi di tempo:
  1. You’re at school now
  2. They are at home now
  3. You play tennis on Mondays
  4. She starts working at 9 o’clock
  5. We want to find another house
  6. We aren’t satisfied
  7. He hasn’t got any Scottish friends
  8. You don’t study Russian
  9. They don’t want to change their idea
10. She doesn’t think so
11. Are you happy today?
12. Is she at home today?
13. Do you sleep till late?
14. Does he smoke cigars?
15. Do they always arrive so late?

Scrivi la forma affermativa del Simple Past delle seguenti espressioni verbali:
1.   We go
2.   I try
3.   She finds
4.   They begin
5.   You drink
6.   He thinks
7.   It rains
8.   I say
9.   We leave
10. He walks
11. You forget
12. They forgive
13. We eat
14. She reads
15. They write

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