The man who knows no foreign language, knows nothing of his mother.

uso dei pronomi relativi

Cerchia l’alternativa corretta.

1) Antonio Meucci, ....who was the inventor of the telephone, died in poverty.

a) who b) which

2) Peter, ......had left England three days before, received the telegram too late.

a) which b) who

3) That’s the woman ... son Is an extreme skier.

a) whose b) who

4) That’s the dog . . rescued me from the fire.

 a) who b) which

5) That man, ... original intention was to become a piano player, is now a famous writer.

a) which b) whose

Inserisci correttamente who, which, whose.

1) The woman             was at the traffic lights saw the accident.

2) The car                    is parked over there is Tom’s.

3) Mr Pearson is the person                 was involved in that project.

4) That girl               father is a famous opera singer, is one of my students.

5) Where Is the beer               was in the fridge?

6) That woman                    name don’t remember, is John’s mother.

7) The knight rescued the princess                 was imprisoned in the tower.

8) Last night I watched a film                    was very frightening.

9) A bee is an insect                   makes honey.

10) I can’t find the ring                      Bob gave me.

Elimina con una crocetta il pronome relativo quando può essere omesso.  

1) Mr Scott, who died while trying to rescue his son, could not swim very well.

2) This is the car which we would like to buy.

3) Unfortunately the girl that I met at the party last night didn’t give me her phone number.

4) Mr Read, who I thought didn’t have any children, has got three daughters.

5) A hanger Is something which you use to hang clothes on.

6) Tom, whose family had moved to London when he was a young boy, was born in York.

7) Mrs Gray is the person who we should talk to.   

Unisci le frasi con who, which o whose, come nell’esempio.
Effettua tutti i cambiamenti necessari.

John is an architect. He works for a big building firm.
John Is an architect who works for a big building firm.

1) Green Peace Is an association. It fights for the protection of the environment.

2) Whales are mammals. They live in the sea.

3) The Daily Telegraph is a newspaper. It sells lots of copies.


4) That is the woman. Her  daughter is a professional dancer.

5) That is the man. He was prosecuted for terrorism.

Trasforma le frasi come nell’esempio.
Which is the book in which you are interested?

Which is the book you are interested in?

1) Which of them is the girl to whom you are engaged?

2) These are the papers for which I was looking!


3) Mr Jordan is the man about whom they were talking.

4) This is the beautiful song to which we used to listen when we were engaged.


5) The princess married the prince to whom she had been promised.

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