The man who knows no foreign language, knows nothing of his mother.

Exercises: off, out of, in, across, outside, from ......

Inserisci correttamente le preposizioni di luogo fornite.
off, out of, in, across, outside, from, under, into (2), through, on (2), below

1) She left her son             the car and went               the supermarket.
2) We live          the third floor.
3) It’s very cold today. The temperature is 5 C°                       zero.
4) He is Greek. He comes                    Athens.
5) There are some tramps sleeping                     the bridge.
6) Suddenly someone broke                        the room                   the window.
7) It takes a long time to drive                       the desert.
8) The glass fell                            the table.
9) They had to wait for a long time but finally they managed to get                   the bus.
10) The woman took some money                                          her purse.
11) They live just                            Manchester.

Inserisci correttamente le preposizioni di tempo fornite.
in (3), within, for, throughout, during, until, since, between, by, on.

1) If it gets too cold                  the night, the roads will be icy tomorrow morning.
2) The weather has been awful                    the week.
3) I haven’t heard from Peter                    a long time.
4) We haven’t seen him                         Christmas day.
5) I usually work                            5.00 pm. After that I go home.
6) The robbery occurred                              10.00 and 10.30 am.
7) They will send us a fax                                  a week.
8) I will have finished reading this book                            the end of the day.
9) He left                            Monday morning.
10) Shakespeare lived                         the 16 th century.
11) Mary was born                      November
12) I think our lives will be very different                               fifty years.

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