The man who knows no foreign language, knows nothing of his mother.


4.26  Riscrivete le seguenti frasi, sostituendo i verbi tra parentesi con il simple present o il present continuous.

1 -  «Where’s Mike?” “In his bedroom.” “What (he/do)?” “He (study).”

2 - Every day Jane (get up) at 6.30, (do) some exercises and then (go) for a run in the park.

3 - “When (John/leave) for Italy?” “Next week.”

4 - I (look for) a flat because I (get) married in August.

5 - I (not come) to the theatre this evening because I’m busy.

6 -  “Hallo, Bob! Where (you/go)?” “To the chemist’s".

7 -  She generally (stay) at home in the morning, but today she (not stay) at home. She (go) to the dentist’s.

8 - “Jane, where are you?” “I’m upstairs.” “What (you/do) there?” “I (make) the beds. I always (make) the beds at this time.”

9 - “What (Tim/do)?” “He’s an engineer.”- “Where (he/work)?” “In Manchester. Tonight he (come) to my house. (you / want) to meet him?”

10 -  “How much (it / cost) to go from Milan to Rome by train?” “I (not know). I never (travel) by train.”

4.27 Formulate domande la cui risposta sia contenuta nelle frasi date.

1 - Mary can swim very well. (Who...? What...?)

2 - John can’t go to the party because he’s ill. (Who...? Where...? Why...?)

3 - Betty’s driving fast because she’s in a hurry. (Who...? How...? Why...?)

4 - Jane’s going to school on foot today. (Who...? How...? Where...?)

5 - Jenny can’t buy that dress because it’s too expensive: it costs £ 60 (What...? Why....? How much...?)

6 - Jim’s going to Genoa next Friday. (Who...? When...? Where...?)

7 - Our friends are leaving for Mexico next week. (Who...? When...? Where...?)

8 - Mr Smith generally goes horse riding on Saturdays. (Who...? What...? When...?)

9 - Mary doesn’t like meeting people because she’s shy. (Who...? Why...? What...?)

10 - It’s midnight. Liz is sleeping on the sofa. (What.,.? Who...? What time...? Where...?)

4.28 Formulate risposte o domande adeguate alle seguenti frasi usando can.

1 - What can you buy at the tobacconist’s?

2 - At a library.

3 - At the post office.

4 - Who can repair your car if it’s broken?

5 - What can you buy at the butcher’s?

6 - You can go to the swimming pool.

7 - A doctor.

8 - What can you do when you feel bored?

9 - What can you buy at the florist’s?

10 - In a bookshop.

4.29 Descrivete dettagliatamente il vostro soggiorno e la vostra cucina.

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