The man who knows no foreign language, knows nothing of his mother.

Exercises how, when, why, where

Completa le frasi con how, when, why o where.
1) Do you remember the day                  we met?
2) He died in the same small village                      he was born
3) I can’t understand the reason                       she didn’t come with us.
4) The office                           I work Is near the railway station.
5) They have already fixed the date                   they will get married.
6) An expert told me                          to repair my CD-player.
7) I remember the day                     my son got his university degree.

 Completa le frasi con il corretto composto di ever.

1) I’m sure I’ll pass the examination                          difficult it may be.
2) You can do                                  you like.  
3)                                         you go, I’ll come with you.
4) She can come and stay with us                               she likes.
5) The meeting will be on Monday or Tuesday                    day Is fine with me.
6) You can invite                               you like.

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