The man who knows no foreign language, knows nothing of his mother.
We do not know the author of this poem that we liked and we publish to wish Merry Christmas.

how about
LORD, if
this Christmas
I make a beautiful tree
inside my heart, and there
hang, instead of gifts,
the names of all my friends:
distant friends and close friends, those
old and new, those every days I see
and those who I do not see often, those who remember
always and those sometimes forgotten, those constants
and the alternate, those who, unwittingly, I did suffer
and those who unwittingly made me  suffer, those who
I know deeply and those who hardly I know, who I
owe little ones and those to whom I owe a lot, my simple friends and my
important friends, the names of all those who have passed through my life.

A tree with roots
very deep, because
their names are not
released never from
my heart, a tree with
large branches, because
the new names from all
over the world to join
those already there,
a tree with a pleasant
shade so that our
friendship, is a moment
of rest during the struggles of life.

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