The man who knows no foreign language, knows nothing of his mother.


Completa le frasi inserendo il verbo tra parentesi nella forma corretta.
Usa la forma affermativa.
  1. I always (to go) to the cinema on Saturdays
  2. You (to like) tennis  very much, don’t you?
  3. Walter often (to listen) to music after finishing his homework
  4. Sheila (to live) near London
  5. My cat always (to play) with me
  6. We (to think) that she has gone crazy
  7. You often (to forget) to pay your debts
  8. They (to work) in a book shop
Trasforma alla terza persona singolare:
  1. I smoke cigarettes
  2. I only drink water
  3. I play cards
  4. I study English
  5. I watch Tv
  6. I catch the bus at 7.30
  7. I go to school at 8 o’clock

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